High Rise Window Cleaning in Melbourne

Those big windows in high rise buildings sure do look beautiful. Residents and employees in these types of buildings always get the best views of Melbourne and all of its beautiful sunsets and sunrises. 

But it isn’t always easy for businesses to keep these windows clean. The interior sides are easy to reach but washing outside is very dangerous if you don’t have the correct safety gear and window cleaning tools.

If you need to sparkle and shine the windows on your high rise building, then we welcome you to give All Suburbs Window Cleaning a call right now. We specialise in high rise window cleaning in Melbourne and service the entire city including all suburbs.

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Things to Keep In Mind for High Rise Building Window Cleaning

It is much better to hire professionals for multi-storey building window cleaning whether it is for office windows or body corporate apartments than it is to attempt these tasks all on your own. The risk of an onsite injury is just too high, and no one wants to see one of their employees get hurt. Professional cleaners also offer much better quality service and your windows will be beautifully clean, streak-free and will shine like never before. But before you book a window cleaning session just yet, there are a few things you might want to know about window cleaning services.

How frequently should you wash these windows – The glass on high rise buildings require less frequent cleaning than ground level windows and the outside often stays cleaner than the inside because people are cannot touch these areas to make a mess. The frequency of high rise window washing depends on quite a few factors. Some areas in Melbourne has higher humidity levels or more dust, and the windows get dirtier as a result. Office buildings such as skyscrapers only need window washing every one to two years. Hostels and other public service companies may request window washing quarterly, semi-annually or annually. 

Book window cleaning as frequently as you need – You can book our high rise window cleaning company whenever you need our services. We are happy to provide you with cleaning services whenever you feel like a good window clean is in order, and we can even provide you with emergency window cleaning should some unforeseen circumstance result in messy business windows.

Cleaning inside and out – We are happy to help you clean your interior and exterior windows, but the choice is yours. Our business can quote you on exterior cleaning alone if you prefer to clean the inside of your windows yourself or we can take care of interior window cleaning, glass panel or partition and mirror cleaning for you.

Make a Booking

Do you want to get the windows of your high rise building cleaned as soon as possible? We can help. Simply give our offices a call on 03 886 0345, and we can arrange a consultation with you or give you a quote on the cost based on the size, number of windows and height of your building.

When All Suburbs Window Cleaning arrives at your building, you can sit back and relax while our professionals take care of this challenging task for you. 

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